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MD-HISkin Custom Facial

(All Skin Types)

90 Minutes       $350+

An ultimate customized facial is a whole new level of clinical facial treatment focusing on what your skin needs. It uses the latest modalities to resurface the skin and creates a younger even skin tone softer appearance. IPeel wet/dry diamond abrasion, derma-planing,  microdermabrasion, micro or nano needling, ultrasonic exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, hydro/oxygen infusion, micro-current, light emissions diode wavelength, radio or high frequency, 24K mask, collagen, hydrating, anti-aging or problematic acne mask and chemical peel are use depending on your skin type.  Result last longer, acnetic, sun damaged, wrinkle skin can have a multiple visit for top quality result.

Mens Facial.jpg

Men's Deep Pore Facial

Customized facial just for men to focusing on deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration of the skin.

(All Skin Types)

60 Minutes       $110+

Facial 1.jpg

Express Facial

An express on-the-go facial is perfect for quickly cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin to renew skin cells and increase and increase the blood flow circulation.

(All Skin Types)

30 Minutes       $50+



Dermaplaning is a form of a clinical exfoliation to get rid of the fine hair around your face & at the same time sloughing off dead skin cells surfaces. Skin feels smooth, brighten & youthful rejuvenated skin.

(Fine Hair & Sun Damage)

90 Minutes       $250+

Bio Brasion Trinity Microdermabrasion.jfif

Wet Or Dry Micro-dermabrasion

(Enlarged Pores & Sun Damage)

Uses the latest diamond tip wand wet or dry  microdermabrasion to effortlessly exfoliate dead skin cell surfaces and gently even skins tone.  Brightens, smooths and tightens the pores.

60 Minutes       $150+

Facial 1.jpg

Acne & Problematic Facial

(Acne Prone Skin Types)

Deep pore cleansing & exfoliating dead skin cell surfaces to draw out impurities for easy extraction. Extraction and the use of high frequency, LED blue & red light to soothe the skin and kill the bacteria inside the pores.    Followed by application of customized facial mask that is suitable for the skin type allowing it to heal rapidly.

75 Minutes       $150+

MD Micro-Current Treatment.jfif

MD Micro-Current

Non-invasive lifting & toning treatment to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles resulting in firmer tight skin.   It's considered an alternative to Botox, this procedure is design to re-train the short and long facial muscles for stimulating, regenerate the production of collagen & fibroblast.

(All Skin Types)

90 Minutes       $250+

Lymphatic Drainage Facial_edited.jpg

MD Lymphatic Drainage Facial

(All Skin Types)

MD myolift lymphatic facial device is a treatment that reduces the swelling and fluid retention from trauma, lymphedema or surgery.  Lymphatic drainage technique involves gently manipulating specific areas of the face. Its speeds wound healing, oxygenates and detoxifies the skin cells minimizing the scar tissue build up.

90 Minutes       $195+

Bio-Therapeutic Infusion.jpg

Hydro-Oxygen Facial

(Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Types)

This unique hydro-oxygen infusion treatment combines hyaluronic and peptide serum that regenerates, rehydrates, and revitalizes the skin. Rosacea prone and very sensitive skin is quite beneficial for this treatment.  Also great procedure prior to wedding makeup application to have a flawless, calm and radiant even toned skin.

90 Minutes       $250+

Nano Needling.jpg

Micro Or Nano Needling

(Large Pores & Sun Damage)

Most popular non-invasive, anti-aging treatment with little to no down time. This treatment creates a micro-channeling allowing an active serum to penetrate the dermis for regenerating collagen, elastin, skin cells & fibroblast production.  Result last up to 2 months depending on your lifestyle.

90 Minutes       $250+

Led Light 2.jpg

Brightening Facial (L.E.D.)

A combination of light emission diode heals the skin with different disorders.  Red light is an anti-inflammatory, heals wound, improves ion metabolism, increases cell enzyme activity, reduces muscle tension, reduces eczema and helps acne lines.  Blue & purple light promotes protein and collagen synthesis, relieves pain and improves lymphatic drainage.  Suitable for oily skin, acne and lines.  Green & yellow light helps with pigmentation, calming, relaxing and detoxifying functions to the skin.  Helps with acne, dissolves blackheads and whiteheads to prevent clogged pores.

(All Skin Types)

60 Minutes       $145+

Image Facial Cream Mask.jfif

Thorough skin analysis, couple cleansing with ultrasonic devices and silicon facial brush, double exfoliation, extraction, high frequency and custom mask.  Includes facial massage, shoulder, scalp, neck arms and hands.  Your skin feels rejuvenated, revitalized and you feel worth it.

Ultimate European Facial

(All Skin Types)

75 Minutes       $150+

An organic and botanical ingredient water-based skin care products great for any skin types.  Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid and papaya enzymes blend and aloe vera base with anti-inflammatory botanicals to soothe sensitive skin.  

Signature Facial

Facial Mask 1.2.jpg

(All Skin Types)

60 Minutes       $110+

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