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My extensive certifications, experience and education in medical esthetics, innovative clinical/ therapeutic treatments and certified make-up/cosmetic tattoo artist allows me to provide you the very best in beauty and facial techniques.  I have a keen awareness of the ever changing and evolving beauty trends in the industry.


I have more than twenty-two years of experience as a licensed Esthetician in Hawaii and have obtained my Master Esthetician license in State of Washington in 2014 and certified lash extension instructor in the state of Utah.


In addition, I have 100+ hours of hands-on training using medical laser equipment at Washington laser institute led by Dr. Emily Sabbagh, a maxillary surgeon who brought my skin care knowledge to an exciting new level by combining laser and esthetics.


I customize all beauty and facial treatments to each individual skin type while using a proven clinical and botanical water-based skin care product line.  The products I offer are a high-quality brand made in Europe, USA and Korea.


For me, beauty is all about how you care for yourself: good diet, healthy lifestyle and nourishing your skin.  Combined, you will have confidence, positive attitude and beautiful from within you.


With the spirit of aloha, please join me on this journey. 

See you all soon.

Mahalo Nui Loa, Jessica


Jessica Gerrish
Lic. Medical Laser Technician, M.E. WA,
Licensed Aesthetician HI, NH, DC, NV, FL, VA & Certified Cosmetic Tattoo CA

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